Unique Guarantee

If you swallow it, I’ll do it again at no cost

In almost 30 years of experience, we have found that there is only one way to guarantee 100% the anti-torsion capacity of our overhead doors.

Very simply, we invite our customers to hang all their weight at one end of the door, while we hold it on the other side. If the door collapses or falls, we make a custom-made door for them at no cost.

We are keen to demonstrate in practice that even by bringing our doors to the limit of use, they maintain strength and balance.

SecureMe, il Basculante di Sicurezza

4 items to consider when choosing an overhead door

  1. Behind the door there iseverything you hold dear: your family and your possessions
  2. You’ll open your door every day, more than once a day: a low-level door will expose you to the risk of falling, as well as giving you small daily frustrations
  3. A cheap door requires more maintenance: in the medium / long term you will end up spending much more, with a door of little value
  4. • Everyone has very specific needs: a tailor-made door guarantees you a perfect solution for your needs, which reflects your aesthetic taste
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