SecureMe: Security tilting door

SecureMe, tilting door number one in protection.

Your family, first and foremost, but also goods such as cars, motorcycles and bicycles, will be in total safety behind DM’s top-of-the-range overhead door, born in 2017 after more than 25 years of experience and technological refinement.

Because SecureMe is excellence in the field of garage doors

It does not fringe

Thanks to the careful selection of first choice material and our patented opening system, you can rest assured that SecureMe will never go into twisting, even in the largest sizes.

SecureMe, il Basculante di Sicurezza

No measurement limit

SecureMe is the only pivot on the market to cover large rooms, up to a maximum of 6.3 meters in width and 5.6 meters in height.

No maintenance

The great advantage of the highest quality components is that, in addition to making each movement more fluid, they have almost no wear. Each time you open your SecureMe door, the bushings lubricate the critical points, maintaining perfect smoothness and avoiding breakages that are on the agenda for low-quality doors.

Certified wind resistance

To offer our customers a product that was unequivocally suited to their needs, we subjected them to a series of wind resistance tests. This is why we are proud to be able to offer you overhead doors in Class 3 even in the case of maximum dimensions.

Total customization

Thanks to our one-to-one handmade production and the endless possibilities of customization, we guarantee that SecureMe will 100% reflect your needs and your aesthetic taste.

Pedestrian doors, glazed areas and motorization can be made on the basis of your requests and needs of use, while as regards the customization of the external part, the bands in galvanized sheet or the processing of marine plywood, allow us to adapt the design of the your door to the context in which you wish to insert it.

SecureMe, il Basculante di Sicurezza

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