For more than 25 years we have been building overhead security doors that do not warp, and protect people and things dear to you.

Why choose a DM doors

There are at least two reasons why DM overhead doors can be considered unique.

1. Robustness of the Structure

The first feature that catches the eye is the robustness of the structure.

At the same time, however, when one tries to lift one, one is surprised by the simplicity with which it goes up.

It will certainly have happened to you to arrive in front of your garage, loaded with suitcases or heavy bags: it is precisely in those moments that you will appreciate the fact that our overhead door is pulled up with a finger.

You will appreciate the simplicity of use, without having to give up the protection of a sturdy door.

2. It never twists

Our tilting does not ever swallow.

Thanks to an anti-torsion mechanism perfected over the years, we guarantee our customers the possibility of lifting their door from any point, with minimal effort, without losing the total balance..

It will seem to you that someone is helping you lift it, but the only help will come from the door itself.

How are our doors made?



  • Made with galvanized drawn box
  • Wall thickness: 20/10
  • Corner welding treated with cold zinc
  • Beats on the three sides in shaped galvanized profile with rubber gasket for airtightness


  • Made with galvanized “C” section
  • 30/10 thickness with 55 × 55 square section
  • Galvanized counterweight sliding plate, with 15/10 thickness and 300mm section, injection point on the “C” section
  • Counterweight covering guard 10/10 thick and screwed to the vertical upright
  • Section variable depending on the type of door, which allows you to install the overhead door anywhere without the need for building works


  • 160mm diameter
  • Throat turned exactly the diameter of the rope
  • Turning system that avoids twisting of the rope and wear over time


  • 8mm diameter
  • Crimp with eyelet on the ends

Upper crossbar

  • Made of galvanized “C” section, 30/10 thick with 55 × 55 square section
  • Cover plate with 15/10 thickness
  • Top cover casing often 10/10 and screwed to the crossbar


  • In scaled steel with modular hooking system
  • Possibility of adding weight in the event of subsequent automation or post-installation changes that require an increase in weight


  • Cladding made of galvanized elements 11 cm wide and 10/10 thick, for maximum safety
  • Interlocking between one element and the other consisting of an extension system that reaches 1 cm of rib
  • Fixing to the frame by hot injection, while internal omega blocks the elements in the central part of the door
  • Possibility to choose pantograph coated multilayer coatings, for a personalized aesthetic
  • Working thicknesses: 25 or 30 mm, depending on the model
  • Painting with resin suitable for outdoor use


The tilting movement of the door is managed by a torsion bar which guarantees the door to always remain level during opening and closing.

Thanks to this system it is possible to raise doors of up to 6.3mt, without ever going into twisting.


The motor is installed on the openable door mantle and acts directly on the side arms, without the need to install curved or telescopic arms.

The direct transmission system reduces the risk of damage to a minimum, immediately blocking the engine should the door encounter an obstacle during opening.


All our facilities are certified in class 3 up to a size of 6300x4500mm.

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