Who is Andrea di Mauro

Find out how SecureMe Security Tilt was born SecureMe and who Andrea is, the author of the articles you find on this site (and owner of the DMA company).

Who is Andrea Di Mauro

Hi, I’m Andrea,

I am a 40-year-old entrepreneur and I work in the company that founded my father 20 years ago.

I was practically born in the company.


When I was still a student I spent my free time studying in the sheds in contact with the production workers and it is for this reason that today I am so specialized in security overhead doors.

The activity, born in 1990, was mainly focused on the production of industrial folding doors for third parties for a famous company at national level and not only.

This has allowed us to become a leader in the production of this type of industrial closures but at the same time to remain in the shadow of this colossus.

Over time we realized that, despite being very good at the production, we could never have grown if we had been in that “comfortable” situation and that we could have lost a lot if the supplier had shut the taps from one moment to another.

Realizing the situation, we looked around and tried to understand, remaining in our field, what were the problems that people have every day with their openings: the overhead doors.

Analyzing in detail what people required we realized that everyone has the same kind of problem.

What are the problems that people want to solve on their overhead doors?

Everyone needs to have:

  • a garage door that is secure
  • a garage door that never twisted
  • an easy to install garage door
  • a light garage door to lift
  • a garage door that is easy to power
  • a garage door that has a better aesthetic
  • a garage door that does not need too much maintenance

When I joined the company I developed a project that led to having an overhead door with all these features.

The SecureMe security up-and-over door was born

An overhead that today has taken the place of all those doors that, even today, have the same problems that we have analyzed 20 years.

Most of my clients are people who have tired of having a door with a flood of maintenance and that doesn’t work well, and have replaced their old overhead with SecureMe.

Yes, because in addition to having a tilting chair that is a concentrate of thirty years of experience, SecureMe can also change the aesthetics of your home, thanks to the personalized work you want.

From that day on we have revolutionized our way of working and we have distorted the by now established mentality of the people that the overhead doors are all the same.

Of course the up-and-over doors are all the same, the ropes are constantly being twisted, the motorization never works, but SecureMe is not.

If you want more information about it, leave me your email and you can immediately download the catalog of my overhead doors.

You will be among the first to learn about the news of my production and you will be able to get a preview of the occasions that will be put up for sale online.

I’ll be waiting for you in the company to introduce you to SecureMe, your security tilting device.


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