About Us

Since 1990 DM Porte shows in practice what it means to be a leader in the overhead door market.

When starting our business, we focused on what is still the hallmark of our proposal today: offering the customer exactly the product he needs.

For years we have been the only company in Italy to produce custom-made doors, satisfying specific requests instead of forcing the customer to adapt to standard measures.


And thanks to this direct relationship with customers and their needs, we were able to perfect our product, to arrive today to build an overhead door that:

  • It is simple to automate, making every movement smooth
  • It does not need maintenance
  • He does not fear any attempt to break in
  • It never dries up, even in the largest sizes

But our work also looks to the future, with continuous research and evolution, day after day.

We invest in machinery and raw materials of the latest generation, and we do it with the very simple goal of making our customers safer and more comfortable with a 100% personalized door.

We manage the entire production chain, without any intermediary. From measuring the measurements to assembly and assistance, you will have a single reference figure.

We have been doing this for over 25 years and the most rewarding thing is customer satisfaction.

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